We seek passion and excellence

Our mission is to develop advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. We need to complete one of the most ambitious engineering projects on the face of the planet. To succeed in our mission, we hire dedicated, fully focused and out-of-the-box thinking employees.

If you are a master problem solver and are willing to do whatever it takes to rid the world’s oceans of plastic, we want you at The Ocean Cleanup.

Our values


We validate our work with science and numbers


We start by tackling the big problems and solve the smaller ones along the way


Technology should be symbiotic with the environment


We test often and fast – to learn as we go and adapt when needed


We avoid interdependency for faster iteration cycles


Trying to do everything often leads to accomplishing nothing


… but not without questioning it


The Ocean Cleanup is a project that has a strict deadline; once the oceans are clean, our project is complete

Job openings

Need a few good reasons to join the team?

  • See your work getting implemented months within months of initial design
  • Work on cutting-edge ocean engineering, ocean modeling, and plastic pollution research.
  • Be part of a driven group of experts, who see the “impossible” as temporary.
  • Play a key role in launching the largest cleanup in history.

We bring the Silicon Valley culture to the Netherlands

  • Build, break, learn, and repeat: we iterate fast and continuously
  • We work anywhere, anytime.
  • Personal accountability is our culture (no time sheets or fixed number of holidays)
  • From (free) team lunches, to drinks on the terrace, to ping pong – we work hard, but we also enjoy downtime

The team

  • Boyan Slat
    Boyan Slat
    CEO and Founder
    Boyan Slat
    CEO and Founder

    Inventor since birth
    Founded The Ocean Cleanup at age 18
    Youngest-ever recipient of UN’s highest environment award

    Full bio, Twitter, Facebook

  • Lonneke Holierhoek
    Lonneke Holierhoek, MSc

    Using 20 years of experience in maritime and offshore projects towards achieving successful cleanup operations

    Master of Science in Technical Mathematics (TU Delft, 1995), Quantity Surveyor (I.C.E.S., UK, 2003)

    An enthused amateur lapidist

  • Jos Huijbregts
    Jos Huijbregts, MSc

    Bringing 25 years of corporate finance and business management experience to The Ocean Cleanup

    Master’s in Econometry (Amsterdam University, 1990), executive degree in Financial Controlling (Amsterdam University, 1994), Management Program (Harvard, 2009)

    As an avid sailor, I'm fully motivated to help to rid the oceans of plastic.

  • Joost Dubois
    Communications and External Affairs
    Joost Dubois, MSc
    Communications and External Affairs

    Chief Storyteller

    25+ years veteran of corporate affairs, marketing and communications

    Passionately curious with a nose for news

  • André Vollering
    IT Support
    André Vollering, MSc
    IT Support

    Master Bioinformatics

    I fix computer related problems

  • Arjen Tjallema
    Technology Manager
    Arjen Tjallema, MSc
    Technology Manager

    Hydrodynamics & motion-of-the-ocean expert

    Floating & boating enthusiast

    Experienced mooring designer, with strings attached

  • Arthur Fourny
    Computational Modeling Intern
    Arthur Fourny
    Computational Modeling Intern

    Background in hydrodynamics and coding.

    Studying interactions between the cleanup system and plastic in the ocean.

    Coming from the mountains of central France but crazy about sailing, windsurfing and surfing.

  • Bart Bruggerman
    Project Engineer
    Bart Bruggerman, Msc
    Project Engineer

    Background in offshore engineering, heavy lifting projects and innovation/concept thinking.

    Love to explore the underwater world using my camera and only one breath.

  • Bart Buijsman
    Project Engineer Assembly
    Bart Buijsman, BSc
    Project Engineer Assembly

    Eight years of field experience in offshore construction

    Lifelong passion for surfing

    When I retire, I like my waves to be free of plastic

  • Bruno Sainte-Rose
    Lead Computational Modeler
    Bruno Sainte-Rose, PhD
    Lead Computational Modeler

    Leads plastic modeling activities

    Loves to put his rocket science education to down to earth challenging missions

    As a Caribbean islander knows the importance of cleaner oceans!

  • Carla Cecconi
    Finance Assistant
    Carla Cecconi
    Finance Assistant

    Human being who respects Nature and aims to restore the balance.

    Born in Chile surrounded by mountains and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

    Joined the team in January to contribute to the mission, bringing in my mix of finance and sustainability skills.

  • Carlo Wesseling
    Operations Manager
    Carlo Wesseling
    Operations Manager

    Former Army engineering officer with 20 years of experience in leadership, strategy design, innovation, and obviously, operations

    Worked as deputy director of the innovation center for the Ministry of Defense

    Geeky board game designer in spare time

  • Chris Reichard
    Lead Structural & Mechanical Engineer
    Chris Reichard, MSc
    Lead Structural & Mechanical Engineer

    Creative, innovation loving engineer leading the structural team for the pacific system

    Experience in structural engineering with a mix of hydrodynamics and coding, previously worked for one of the largest vessels in the offshore industry

    Have a passion for the outdoors and always ready for an adventure

  • Dan van der Kooy
    Senior Video Producer
    Dan van der Kooy, MSc
    Senior Video Producer

    Storyteller, video producer, film photographer

    Produced thousands of stories from all over this planet

    Now proud to be a part of telling one of the most important stories for this planet

  • Deborah Koskela
    Lead Hydrodynamic Engineer
    Deborah Koskela, BSc
    Lead Hydrodynamic Engineer

    Investigated the impact of ocean motion on flexible things, for fifteen years

    Believes in sustainable living. Treads the fine line between recycling and hoarding

    Using my professional skills for my personal beliefs

  • Dieuwertje Ewalts
    Chief of Staff
    Dieuwertje Ewalts, MSc
    Chief of Staff

    Enabling the MT to operate efficiently and effectively, help to secure funding

    Over 12 years experience in strategy development and implementation at Deloitte

    Proud caretaker of two rescued chinchillas. Known as fervent ‘litterati’

  • Eline Spek
    Program Coordinator
    Eline Spek, MSc
    Program Coordinator

    Experienced juggler of projects, priorities and plans

    Can almost always answer your question. Probably yesterday

    Boulderer, sword fighter & always something new

  • Ellen Hoogland
    General Counsel
    Ellen Hoogland, LL.M.
    General Counsel

    All-round business-oriented general counsel with 20 years of experience

    Motivated to leave the world a bit better than I found it.

  • Erika Träskvik
    Digital Communications Manager
    Erika Träskvik, MSc
    Digital Communications Manager

    Have been fascinated by marketing as long as I can remember. Finnish but speak Swedish

    Grew up in the forest and spent the summers at the coast. Yes, Finland has summer too

    Loving the “nothing is impossible”-spirit at The Ocean Cleanup

  • Evelyn Bray
    Community and Stakeholder Manager
    Evelyn Bray, BSc
    Community and Stakeholder Manager

    The Ocean Cleanup's biggest fan

    Firm believer research and communications are a match made in heaven

    My recipe to clean the ocean: optimism, determination, passion mixed with strategy, correspondence, out-of-the-box thinking and a dash of insanity

  • Fedde Poppenk
    Mechanical Engineer
    Fedde Poppenk, MSc
    Mechanical Engineer

    Working on the Pacific Ocean System as a design and structural engineer

    Graduated as Space Systems Engineer, spent 7 years in the Oil and Gas industry as a designer and now up for doing some good

  • Femke Hoes
    Finance Coordinator
    Femke Hoes
    Finance Coordinator

    Proud member of the service team

    Passionate about ridding the oceans of plastic

  • Florent Beauverd
    Creative Content Director
    Florent Beauverd, BSc
    Creative Content Director

    Self-educated videographer, photographer and copywriter

    Bsc. Geosciences & Environment

    Curious about physics & mechanical engineering. Tendency to shatter iPhone screens. In love with the great outdoors

  • Francesco Ferrari
    Environmental Monitoring Coordinator
    Francesco Ferrari, MSc
    Environmental Monitoring Coordinator

    Because plastic fighting handyman marine biologist that sails the ocean, is not a job title

    3 expeditions to collect samples

    Always looking for a solution

  • Hanna Beumer
    Executive Assistant to CEO
    Hanna Beumer, BSc
    Executive Assistant to CEO

    Enhancing the executives' effectiveness by providing information management support and representing the executive to others

    Bachelor of Business Administration - Professional background in Events Management, Artist Handling, Marketing, and Executive/Personal Assistance

    Passionate about traveling, the beauty of nature and neuropsychology

  • Hans Limburg
    Computational Modeler
    Hans Limburg, BSc
    Computational Modeler

    Studying wave overtopping and bridging phenomena of the floating barrier system

    Regularly found in, near and on the water

  • Hendrik Wrenger
    Computational Modeler
    Hendrik Wrenger, MSc
    Computational Modeler

    Investigating the accumulation of plastic in front of the barrier

    Varied background ranging from hands-on construction to environmental engineering

    Hoping to find a way to make use of his paraglider in the Netherlands

  • Henk van Dalen
    Project Manager
    Henk van Dalen, MSc
    Project Manager

    Responsible for a successful execution of the first cleanup system

    Experienced in Procurement, Project Management and Business Development

    Passionate surfer who lives by the motto "don’t destroy what you came to enjoy"

  • Henning Lagemann
    Graduate Engineer
    Henning Lagemann, BSc
    Graduate Engineer

    Coming up with lab- and field tests to improve barrier design

    Former product development engineer at a water safety company

    Loves to swim in clean rivers, lakes and oceans

  • Ivan Soares
    Oceanographer & Computational Modeler
    Ivan Soares, PhD
    Oceanographer & Computational Modeler

    Senior Oceanographer with 25 years of experience in Ocean Circulation Modeling

    Has a PhD in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography by the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science – University of Miami

    Founder and CEO of the Atlantis Institute)

  • Jaap Spaans
    Design Engineer
    Jaap Spaans, BSc
    Design Engineer

    Working on the Pacific Ocean System, the system that will take out plastic from the oceans

    Previously Design Engineer at Huisman Equipment, Dive instructor and draftsman at Royal HaskoningDHV

    As a scuba diver did coral reef clean-ups, now happy to join the biggest ocean clean-up in history

  • Jasper van Eijk
    Project Engineer
    Jasper van Eijk, BSc
    Project Engineer

    Background in building pleasure crafts, offshore contracting and aquaculture innovation.

    Multidisciplinary watersports maniac.

    Excited about a cleaner future - let’s clean this mess up!

  • Jean-Sebastian Verjut
    Senior Structural Engineer
    Jean-Sebastian Verjut, MSc
    Senior Structural Engineer

    Passionate about everything floating

    Helped moor vessels for the O&G industry from 70 to 2700 m water depth

    Likes to rise up to the challenge

  • Joel Jansen
    Specialist Engineer
    Joel Jansen, MSc
    Specialist Engineer

    Specialist in several engineering disciplines (hence the job title). Now focused on QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) for The Ocean Cleanup system

    Previously worked for an innovative company in offshore access, transferring millions of people offshore safely from a vessel to an offshore structure

    Would like to leave behind a better world for our children. If not now then when?

  • John Murray
    Head of Public Affairs
    John Murray, BA
    Head of Public Affairs

    Working constructively and productively with government in all its forms

    Drawing on long experience of UK, EU and US public affairs in multiple sectors

    Ex-choirboy, belatedly playing in the band

  • Josee Meiners
    HR Director
    Josee Meiners
    HR Director

    High energy HR Director & problem solver

    Living on a sailing boat, clean water is so important to me. That’s why I put my experience and energy in The Ocean Cleanup mission

  • Julius Lein
    Technical Superintendent
    Julius Lein, MSc
    Technical Superintendent

    Hydrodynamics and coding vs. operation and organization, familiar in both worlds

    Passion for windsurfing, sailing, football, cycling… sports!

    Fixing everything from old scooters to computers

  • Justin van Klaveren
    River Research Intern
    Justin van Klaveren
    River Research Intern

    Studying to receive my Master's degree in Marine and Freshwater Science with a Major in Science in Society.

    I design and conduct sampling campaigns in countries abroad and assist the research team wherever needed.

    I'm a Third Culture Kid always seeking discomfort.

  • Kees van Oeveren
    Mechatronics Engineer
    Kees van Oeveren, MSc
    Mechatronics Engineer

    Developping plastic sensing techniques

    MSc Energy & Environmental Sciences

    Passionate about kitesurfing and DIY music electronics

  • Laurent Lebreton
    Laurent Lebreton, MSc

    10 years experience in ocean modelling, environmental data science and mapping

    Ocean lover, surfer and globetrotter

  • Lourens Meijer
    Senior Hydrologist
    Lourens Meijer, MSc
    Senior Hydrologist

    Working on understanding and quantifying the global influx of plastics into the ocean

    6 years of experience in Engineering Consulting

    Water sports enthusiast, from frozen ice to tropical waves

  • Marc Laubscher
    Financial Manager
    Marc Laubscher
    Financial Manager

    Responsible for managing the finance function, financial planning and reporting

    Experience in a number of industries as an auditor at Deloitte for 6 years in South Africa, San Francisco and Rotterdam

    Big fan of the great outdoors, wildlife and playing golf

  • Marieke Bijl
    Office Manager
    Marieke Bijl, LL.M
    Office Manager

    Motivated, proactive and proud member of the team working on ridding our oceans of plastic

    Had a company for 12 years, so far not sorry for the exchange to The Ocean Cleanup

  • Marlein Geraeds
    River Research Intern
    Marlein Geraeds
    River Research Intern

    Studying Civil Engineering at TU Delft, finishing Master's degree in Hydraulic Engineering.

    Investigating new measurement methods to quantify riverine plastic fluxes.

    Curious, easily impressed and a little stubborn. Also terrified of sea cucumbers.

  • Matthias Egger
    Ocean Plastic Researcher
    Matthias Egger, PhD
    Ocean Plastic Researcher

    Using 10+ years of experience in marine research to improve our knowledge about the cycling of plastic in the ocean

    PhD in Marine Biogeochemistry (Utrecht University), MSc in Environmental Sciences (ETH Zurich)

    Born and raised in the Swiss Alps, passionate scuba diver, weakness for chocolate and Belgian Beers

  • Matthias van Middendorp
    Design Engineer
    Matthias van Middendorp, MSc
    Design Engineer

    Designing concepts and materialising industrial products and machines with a special interest for clean tech sector

    Working on the extraction system

    Passionate about travelling and sports like cycling, hiking and climbing

  • Michelle Loozen
    Hydraulic Engineer
    Michelle Loozen, MSc
    Hydraulic Engineer

    Studied Coastal and River Engineering at the Technical University of Delft

    Now putting technical knowledge to use by participating in a spectacular project

    Impulsive, curious and seeking challenges. A bit scared by the ocean, but can't resist its mystery

  • Peter Wiersum
    Project Manager Communications
    Peter Wiersum, OLY
    Project Manager Communications

    Aligning engineering and operational work with communications planning and logistics

    Represented the Netherlands at the Beijing, London and Rio Olympic Games

    Former world champion and Olympic bronze medallist coxing the Dutch men’s rowing team

  • Rachel Richardson
    Manager, Creative Copy & PR
    Rachel Richardson, BSc
    Manager, Creative Copy & PR

    I love to tell a good story and I’m here to help The Ocean Cleanup tell theirs

    Have worked in aerospace, fashion, law, healthcare, education, but now I think I found my fit in the ocean

    Ran several half marathons, ran one full marathon, and can quote 97.3% of the movie Zoolander

  • Reijnder de Feijter
    Technical Superintendent
    Reijnder de Feijter, MSc
    Technical Superintendent

    Investigating the structural and hydrodynamic response of the cleanup system

    Divides even his lunch into finite elements

    Passionate about eco friendly motorsports

  • Renate Dauvarte
    Communications intern
    Renate Dauvarte
    Communications intern

    Wide variety of experience in hospitality and customer service in different parts of the world.

    Supporting the Communications team with community management through social media and email.

    One day I wish to have gills and live under the water, so the oceans better be cleaned by then.

  • Rikke van Berk
    General Manager Extraction
    Rikke van Berk, MSc
    General Manager Extraction

    Responsible for the implementation of cleanup systems worldwide

    Experienced CEO of engineering companies, Business development and Consultancy in Developing countries and Supervisory board member of a Dutch family owned machine shop

    Striving to contribute to a better world through a healthy business approach

  • Roberto Brambini
    Hydrodynamic Engineer
    Roberto Brambini, MSc
    Hydrodynamic Engineer

    Lived in Denmark where I got the M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering

    Singer-songwriter and passionate about swimming, surf, football and snowboarding

    Best adventure so far: one month research expedition in the North Pacific ocean

  • Robin de Vries
    Geospatial Analyst
    Robin de Vries, MSc
    Geospatial Analyst

    Researching plastics detection, mapping and analysis from the air and from space

    Four years of experience in Remote Sensing and Geo-Information Analysis in one of the oil & gas supermajors

    Fascinated by our dynamic and powerful planet and convinced it will get rid of us, humans, if we don’t keep it clean!

  • Sander Darricarrère
    Sander Darricarrère, Design Engineer

    18 years of experience in the fascinating oil and gas industry, working both onshore, offshore and on fabrication yards.

    Likes all kinds of sports, but nothing so far beats windsurfing.

    Was fortunate enough to have been able to travel all over the world and visit magical places.
    Now it is time to do my part and help keep it that way.

  • Sarah-Jeanne Royer
    Sarah-Jeanne Royer, PhD

    Using 10 + years of research in biogeochemistry and the degradation of plastic and microfibre in the environment

    My long-last objective is for policymakers to use data from scientists and volunteers to design better laws and policies to reduce plastic production & consumption

    Surfer, ocean lover, sailing, hiking, running and cycling are my favourite ways of transportation depending on where I am

  • Siiri Hatakka
    QESH Manager
    Siiri Hatakka, MSc
    QESH Manager

    MSc. Economics, Corporate Environmental Management

    Working on recycling strategy for the Ocean Plastic

    Background in Environmental Management and Health & Safety

  • Sjoerd Drenkelford
    Installation Officer
    Sjoerd Drenkelford
    Installation Officer

    Works on extraction technology

    Background in Transport engineering and logistics

    Fanatic music lover

  • Steven Bink
    IT Coordinator
    Steven Bink, MSc
    IT Coordinator

    Microsoft Tech consultant since 1994

    Passionate for Science and Technology

    Joined The Ocean Cleanup on June 18, 2013

  • Tim van Emmerik
    Senior Researcher
    Tim van Emmerik, PhD
    Senior Researcher

    Quantifying global riverine plastic waste

    Experienced experimental geoscientist, passionate about measuring unmeasured parts of the hydro- and biosphere

    Wake me up for analogue photography, science poetry, or negroni

  • Wouter van Tongeren
    Head of International Relations
    Wouter van Tongeren
    Head of International Relations

    Studied International Relations in Leiden and Stellenbosch (SA) and Social Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam

    Skilled to co-create new ideas to persistent challenges, rethink outmoded systems and innovate in industry-defining ways

    Football player, former voice actor (one of Disney’s Lost Boys and Good Luck Bear).

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